ABOUT Black Gold Legacy, LLC. 

"Good people leave an inheritance to
their grandchildren."

Proverbs 13:22

Rosa M. Hoots, in the Courier Journal, May
1924 stated, “I will give the
trophies to my grandchildren, for
them to always keep.”  While all
four trophies were stolen from
her home in Tulsa, OK back in
1934 or 1935, the family continues to
stay vigilant to help recover the remaining 2 trophies, [the Louisiana Derby and Ohio Derby]
so this wish of hers can finally become a
In the word “GOLD” note the
difference in the highlighting of the
letters “GOD,” to acknowledge God’s
 blessings in providing the talents
and gifts with which we have been

In Osage symbology, a horizontal arrow pointing to the left stands for the energy to realize
one’s wishes & ideas and can
point toward a time of taking action.

Welcome to the Black Gold Legacy, LLC web site dedicated to the memory of Black Gold, the four time derby winner of the Louisiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Chicago, in 1924 and his owner,  Rosa Magnet Hoots, an American Indian and the second woman, to ever own a racehorse to win the storied “Run for the Roses.”  

The R. W. Freeman family represents the direct line of descendants to Rosa Magnet Hoots:  i.e. Rosa’s grandson, great-grandchildren
and great-great grandchildren.  

The formation of Black Gold Legacy, LLC, to honor the memory of Black Gold and Rosa Hoots was initiated in time for the Louisiana Derby run on March 12, 2005.  We are excited to announce the availability of the classic merchandise to offer to family and friends alike, to remember Black Gold and his incredible legacy.  

It  has been produced and is ready for purchase on this web site.

Members of our family will be in attendance at most major events and look forward to meeting with you to share racing memories and stories.  We can provide personal endorsements to each item as a means of provenance.  

Please bookmark this site and monitor it regularly.  

To contact us, please refer to the available email links.

To the Memory of Black Gold, the 1924 four derby winner and horse
with “an indomitable spirit” and to Rosa Magnet Hoots…


The R. W. Freeman Family